So tomorrow I’m taking my car in to have it looked at. It’s coming up on 100,000 miles, I know it needs a brake job, the air conditioning is probably leaking, and it probably needs its transmission fluid flushed. I know it doesn’t need a new timing belt because it doesn’t have one; it has a timing chain instead.

I’ve only had it for three years but I feel like this car and I have gone through a lot together and I kind of like it. This is why I’m perfectly willing (although not particularly excited, in all honesty) to potentially be spending a bunch of money on things that are relatively invisible. Nothing that happens is likely to dramatically improve the performance of my car (A/C notwithstanding), but I’m pretty okay with that.

Here’s to the next 100,000.


3 thoughts on “Car

    1. 2006 Hyundai Sonata V6. I’m glad it’s the V6, even though it’s a little more consume-y, because sometimes in California traffic you just need to be able to stomp on the pedal and have it respond — and respond it does. :)

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