Transcribing, part deux

IMG_20130507_224755So on the last interview I was transcribing, there were only three voices; one was mine and the other two were easily distinguishable (although the one dude didn’t articulate very well and began to piss me off by the end). Today I finished cleaning up the recordings of the other interviews (I decided to straight-up remove all the terrible putting-the-recorder-down noises this time, instead of passing them through a hard limiter, and I like the outcome a lot better) and started transcribing the next one.

This time there are five voices: me, a guy sitting on the left, and three girls who are all sitting to the right. This makes my job much more annoying, because it turns out I’m really bad at telling women’s voices apart. I resorted to making a sticky note with timestamps where I know each person is speaking, so that I can jump back and compare. (Also note my rad pseudonyms; I got the idea of using superheroes or cartoon characters from my advisor, who does this when he does focus groups.)


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