Mixed feelings

Pardon me while I blogwhine a little, and also demonstrate my ironic self-awareness by explicitly noting that I am going to blogwhine.

Do you ever do things that you kinda like but kinda hate? Like, you really love one aspect of this thing you maybe do, but on the other hand, this other part sucks. What do you do about this? Do you keep doing the thing because of the part you like, or do you abandon this thing because of all the other things you really don’t like about it? Is there a way to approach an issue like this while maintaining some sort of authenticity? Is there a way to answer this question while still being honest with yourself?


One thought on “Mixed feelings

  1. I would assume at some point you have to let one side win out. Do you love it enough to overlook the bad, or do you hate the bad more than love the good? Probably one of the tougher things.

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