(I’m literally writing this just for Alex and am not particularly invested in this post. :P )

So I’ve been playing some Skyrim lately. I played a lot over winter break, but then didn’t play video games much at all over the last couple months because of school, but then when I handed my proposal in, I decided to dust off the controller.

I play a Khajiit named Sneaky. My basic idea was to play Splinter Cell in Skyrim, so I picked Khajiit a) for the sneak bonuses and b) because aw kitties. And then I quickly realized that “stealth archer” was going to be doubly awesome, because I could hide in the shadows and pick people off from distance while getting sneak attack bonuses. So that’s what I did. I found myself a tome of Bound Bow and played a lot of tricks to get a big enough mana pool to cast it without having many conjuration perks. Bound Bow hits like a truck. Also I ended up getting deep enough into the Conj tree that I could pick up the perk that makes it automatically soul trap, so I always have full soul gems. Also I finally got deep enough into the Illusion tree that I could pick up the Silent Casting perk, so just in case my bow runs out, I can re-cast it without giving my position away.

Sneaky is the leader of the Thieves’ Guild and the Dark Brotherhood. He once assassinated the emperor. He has a cool (and surprisingly bellicose) horse and has taken down lots of dragons. He is gradually becoming an expert lockpick and pickpocket (just got a perk that gives you 100 extra carrying capacity; this is ridiculously OP). He owns two houses and has decorated the hell out of them so that they are now super rad.

In short: I’m afraid my Skyrim character may in fact be cooler than me.


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