SOTD rules

(I never got around to writing yesterday. Sorry Alex.)

So for the last – wow, goodness – six months, I’ve been posting a Song of the Day on my Facebook. This has been a really fun thing for me, and it has reminded me of how much I like music. I had sort of gotten out of the habit of listening to music for no particular reason, and this pulled me back in and forced me to think about why I like the music I like.

Anyway, I’ve (loosely) imposed a set of rules for myself. I think I’ve broken each of these rules at least once, so really I should be calling them something more like “guidelines,” but I figured they’d make good blog fodder anyway.

First of all, except for the times where I do a themed week, I try not to post two songs by the same artist. I’ve broken this rule for special occasions (like after the Boston bombings, I used a Boston song again, even though I’d used one before). Other than these exceptions, though, the list of repeats is basically a who’s who of my favorite artists; it includes Franz Ferdinand, Jimi Hendrix, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Nirvana, Imagine Dragons, Led Zeppelin, RHCP, Rush, Foo Fighters, and Kasabian. This is a rule that is going to have to eventually go by the wayside, because there’s only so many artists to pick from. I think I’ll change it from a prohibition to a cooldown – so, once I use an artist, I have to wait so many months before they’re fair game again.

Closely related: With exactly one exception (which was in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy), I have never posted the same song twice. Again, this is a rule that will have to change eventually. I think I’ll set a year limit on specific songs.

Another rule I have (and have flagrantly broken several times) is that when picking lyrics to put in the description box, I don’t pick lyrics from the chorus, nor the opening lyrics. I try to pick lyrics that I find personally meaningful (“Congratulations, you were all alone / Your time will come, if you wait for it / It’s hard; believe me, I’ve tried” – see, look, that one’s partly from the chorus; I’m such a rule-breaker) or particularly clever (“Shoot your mouth if you know where you’re aiming / Don’t forget to pick up what you sow / Talking trash to the garbage around you”).

There’s no good way to end this post so I’m just going to abruptly stop writing.


One response to “SOTD rules

  1. foxgopher 21 April 2013 at 12:46 am

    I forgive you since I should have yelled at you about it and reminded you.

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