I did things today

One of the great things about being an adult (even if I don’t necessarily feel like an adult all the time) is that you can buy slash do stuff and nobody will tell you no. (Within reason of course.)

For instance, today:

  • I had to go to Rite-Aid because I was out of drugs. Outside of Rite-Aid I saw some really pretty dahlias, so I decided to buy one and move my plant shelf to the front porch like I’ve been thinking about doing for like a month. Because I can buy flowers and put them in places at my house and nobody will tell me that I can’t.
  • I went to Home Depot and got drawer slides because my chest of drawers has been moderately broken for like three years and I’m tired of it. Because I can fix it with new drawer slides and nobody will say no.
  • I also bought a cucumber plant and an 8-pack of impatiens for my garden and plant shelf, respectively. And some pots. Because I can buy plants and nobody will tell me that I can’t.
  • I went to Sprouts to get some more ciabatta rolls (they are my favorite sandwich delivery mechanism, and I can use whatever sandwich delivery mechanism suits my fancy to eat a sandwich whenever I want to and nobody will tell me to use a different sandwich delivery mechanism or to not eat a sandwich at all) and talked myself into guacamole so I got guacamole ingredients too.
  • I watched a soccer game with my friend at my new favorite sports bar/restaurant which is my new favorite restaurant because they ordered MLS Direct Kick when I asked them nicely on a comment card. Because, etc.
  • I apparently measured the case rather than the drawer so I got the wrong size drawer slide. So I took them back and got the right size, but they only had one. I got it anyway to install it as a proof of concept.
  • I also bought a saw and a level. Because I can own a saw and nobody will tell me that I can’t.
  • While putting the things together I decided that I could use some wood glue and some more mounting hardware. So I went to Ace and got some.
  • I installed one set of drawer slides completely on my own and it all worked and now my underwear drawer opens and doesn’t fall out if you open it more than approximately three inches. And while thinking about what I had done I thought of a slight improvement I could make when I fix the other three drawers.
  • Then I decided that my friends should come over and eat guacamole burgers with me.
  • I employed polysyndeton on purpose because I’m an adult and this is my blog and I can write it however I like and nobody is going to grade me on it. Plus it’s fun to deliberately write in a childlike fashion when telling people you are an adult.

All of these things are totally reasonable adult things to do, and notably, none of them were school things, because I was responsible and did a whole bunch of school things all last week and the week before.

Today was a good day.


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