An excerpt from my mission journal

The following is presented with some editing (for privacy and clarity) and very little context, either historical or modern. You’ll forgive me for my burbly 19-year-old writing style I’m sure.

“We had a pretty amazingly incredible lesson with [a non-member family, at a member family’s house] about tithing, then [their houseguest] shared her conversion story and [my companion] and I bore our testimonies and [the non-member family’s member son] got in there and wow, the Spirit was amazingly strong. I talked about my price coming up [a concept I may explore further in a later post], and about when I received my Joseph Smith witness at Elder Uchtdorf’s talk [in the MTC] and about my witness of the Book of Mormon out here in the mission field and the Spirit bore witness to me again that yep, this is true.

“So hey, future self, if you’re reading this, remember that I know that the Book of Mormon is true. That price was hard, wasn’t it, but it was dang well worth it, because this is the true church. Know that I know this church is true, and if for some stupid reason you don’t know that right now, that you can know again. So stop being a pansy and get another answer.

“PS – You will probably be paying the price for a long time. Just remember – it’s always worth it.”


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