Star Wars Lego advent calendar, days 23-24

Merry Christmas everyone! While I recover from eating way too much food over the past two three several days, I’ll show you what came in the last two days of the advent calendar.

In some sort of homage to the people who only put up a Christmas tree like a day or two before Christmas (ours goes up on Thanksgiving or maybe the day after and stays up until we finally get sick of it, which is typically after the New Year, anyway), the Lego for the 23d was this Christmas tree!

All of the Lego people are (more-or-less) circled around the tree, (more-or-less) holding (more-or-less) hands and singing the dahoo dore song from the Grinch. (I couldn’t find a Youtube video where all the Whos down in Whoville are holding hands and swaying, so you can just listen to the song and use your imagination.)

Check this out: The tree topper with the star is exactly the same size at the base as the lightsaber blade. That means that we can transform Chewbacca into the Fuzzy Spirit of Christmas Cheer, complete with Wand of Cheerfulness and Delight! (+161 stamina, +107 intellect, +72 spirit, and increases mastery (and cheerfulness) by 72. If you understood this parenthetical, you’re a geek; if you laughed, you’re an even bigger geek; if you recognized the statistics and know what wand this is without looking it up, may the good Lord have mercy on your geeky, geeky soul.)

Aaaaaaaaaand here’s Day 24:

Santa Yoda! (Slip a saber under the tree, for meeeee — I’ve been an awful good Jedi (This is just going to stop right here, because I hate this song almost as much as the worst Christmas song in the world, and even making a Star Wars parody of it really won’t help.)) In his pouch he has a yellow brick and a blue brick, for boys and girls who have been very good all year! (Presumably they are presents wrapped in yellow and blue paper, respectively, but my version is funnier.)

You’re probably wondering where the pictures of Yoda with his lightsaber are. Well, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow, when we are having a Star Wars movie-watching party, and I’m totally bringing all these Legos. There will be a picture-post-extravaganza afterwards, because who says the advent calendar fun has to end on Christmas Day? Not me, that’s who! (That sentence sounds ridiculous, like something an overly cheerful striped-shirt-and-overalls-wearing ruby-cheeked 1950s neighborhood scamp would say, but I’m having too much fun writing a description of why it sounds silly to actually try to remedy the problem.)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!


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