Star Wars Lego advent calendar, days — um, a lot

Okay, so here’s what happened. I had a final project due last Thursday, so I couldn’t justify playing with Legos while I was trying to write up my paper. Then on Friday I went home for the Christmas break, and on Saturday I took a bunch of Legos out and put them together, and then I totally failed to have any motivation to write them up. So, finally I decided that I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures and not try to be super funny about all of them. I will probably break up days 11-20 into about two posts so that you aren’t faced with a massive wall of text and pictures.

Look how perfectly the advent calendar box fit in my suitcase! :D

Day 11 is a battle-droid that was kinda difficult to put together. He came with an extra set of arms, and also a blaster rifle! He has a hard time standing up straight. I finally got him to balance while holding his blaster rifle and a tire iron. Danger is his middle name.

Day 12: A snowspeeder!

They did a killer job with this one. In particular, they put a black grate on the rear to look like the heatsink or whatever is on the rear of the original snowspeeder.

Day 13: Not exactly R2-D2, because he’s black! (My niece: “Don’t be racist.”) I put a laser hat on him. Also, Day 14: A mouse droid! My mom decided it is the not-exactly-R2-D2’s pet dog. We decided he should have a laser hat too.

Also I have included a picture of the original mouse droids from actual Star Wars.

Day 15: A LAAT\i gunship! It’s even better if you put someone’s head on it!

There. Now you have days 11 through 15. In a few moments, 16 through 20!



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