Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, day 9

Okay, so I actually took these pictures this morning, before I even left my house, intending to write this post before lunch, but then that didn’t happen because I was transcribing interviews I conducted for my term project that’s due next Thursday, and then I went to a colloquium, and then I launched a counter-assault against the dirty dishes’ advance position in my sink, and then I went to a Christmas party. But now I’m here and writing a post, which hopefully makes someone happy, if only just me.

Also, there is a helicopter that is circling in obnoxious proximity to my apartment complex. I hope that they are not looking for the bodies that I may or may not have disposed of in the green space adjacent to our parking lot. Ooh, it just flew away, which is probably a good sign.

Now that I’ve gotten my long-form Facebook status updates out of my system, here’s today’s Lego surprise!


… an X-wing!!

I’m way excited about this because the three most iconic starships of the original series are, in some order, the X-wing, the Millenium Falcon, and the TIE fighter. (That was potentially the nerdiest sentence I have so far written on this blog, and the best part is, I’m more or less serious.) I will fight anyone who disagrees, because they are objectively and perhaps even morally wrong.

Anyway, who else would I pick to build the X-wing besides X-wing pilot extraordinaire, Wedge Antilles? Now that he has his trusty, um, wrench, he’ll have this thing together in no time! He does have his work cut out for him:

Good work, Wedge; looks like the wings section is coming along nicely. Why don’t you put together the fuselage next?

Oh goodness. Wrong, Wedge; very, very wrong.

Looks nice when it’s all put together! Why don’t you take it for a spin? What’s that? It’s way too small? That’s what she saiThis calendar does seem to have a serious problem with scale. Also, with extra parts – unless these are the power converters you were going to take to Toshi Station.


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