Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, day 8

Today’s Lego is pretty cool too. Check it out:

This guy could be any one of the X-wing pilots, but I’ma go ahead and say that he’s Wedge Antilles, because Wedge Antilles is the most badass of all the X-wing pilots not named Luke Skywalker, and this is clearly not Luke Skywalker. Also, because his call-sign is Red 2, and you know how cool that makes him:

The only thing that could possibly lead to a better Youtube video is if I get an Admiral Ackbar. If I get an Admiral Ackbar, I’ma be so excited. :D

Here is the obligatory helmet/hair-switching picture:

Wedge looks really happy with his wrench; he would probably be even happier with an X-wing to fly. Until the Lego calendar delivers such, he’ll have to be content with a really tiny Slave I:

I was up until 2 this morning writing that stupid essay, and I am fading rapidly. Accordingly, I’m going to finish writing this post and go to bed. Another Lego adventure awaits us all tomorrow!


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