Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, day 5

So I just looked at my blog stats. I have 193 views today. This is a much larger number than any other number of views I have ever had. This is fun! Thanks for reading!

Today’s Lego is pretty awesome:

Can you tell what it is? I knew that I recognized it, and that it was some sort of flying thing, but I couldn’t remember what it was called, so I googled and googled until my googler was sore.

There’s a list on Wookieepedia (such a great name) of like every flying vehicle in Star Wars ever, including all the books and comics and non-canon stuff. I clicked through a bunch of those but my attention span didn’t last particularly long, so I went back to google. The google term with which I finally struck paydirt was “brown and green star wars vehicle.” That got me to this picture:

It’s totally Boba Fett’s ship! I’m stoked about this. And now that I know that it’s Boba Fett’s ship, I can put it into its correct flying orientation:

This is a totally cool Lego. The fins swivel and everything! I think it may have to turn into an ornament for my ghetto Christmas tree.

Aw, isn’t my tree awesome? You can’t tell in this picture but I made a garland out of dental floss and sea shells.

So here’s a thing, though. The guys who designed the Legos clearly didn’t care a whit for scale. I mean, this is almost exactly the same size as Mr. Squidface:

I’ma exercise my incredible Photoshop (okay, GIMP) skills and stick the scaled-up Squidward in a picture of the real Slave I so you can see just how big he’d be:

Let’s slap some numbers on this thing. Wookieepedia says that the Slave I is 21.5 meters long – that’s 70 feet! Calamari-san is huge! This is a scale usually reserved for, y’know, other vaguely Japanese things…


2 thoughts on “Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, day 5

  1. My 7 year old son knew exactly what this ship was before he built it. He’s been studying the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary from cover to cover for about two months though. So maybe he had an advantage.

    I have a question, was your Chewbacca missing the crossbow today (day 6)? Ours didn’t have one in the assembly photo on the inside flap of today’s door, but it shows one on the front picture. I don’t think it’s going to show up in a later bag/day. Just wondering if anyone out there got the crossbow. Is it supposed to be included?

    1. Man, I think I need one of those (either a 7-year-old son or a Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary; I’m amused enough by the ambiguity that I’m explicitly not going to resolve it).

      My Chewbacca was indeed missing his iconic crossbow, and I was mildly disappointed by this. I gave him a tire iron that was left over from something else instead. Maybe he’ll end up with a blaster pistol!

      If your 7-year-old son is having as much fun with his advent calendar as I am with mine, he’s having a lot of fun, and I hope your’e enjoying it with him. :D

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