Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, day 4

This advent calendar is filling me with anticipation. There’s something viscerally awesome about ripping out a little cardboard door and getting Legos, especially when you don’t know exactly what sort of Legos are going to be behind that little cardboard door.

It could be Obi-Wan Kenobi with a lightsaber! (I kinda doubt it because I bet they’d have to pay good money to Alec Guinness’s estate to use his likeness, even if it was just Lego.)

It could be the Santa-costumèd Yoda picturèd on the front of the box! (I kinda doubt that too because they’ll probably save him for last. It would only make sense for Santa to come on actual December 25.)

It could be a naked shower Chewbacca! a) You’re welcome for that mental image! b) What did you think was going to be behind that link before you clicked on it? Did you still click on it anyway? c) How would you tell if Chewbacca was naked in the first place? d) I’m moving on before this paragraph goes in even more disturbing directions.

It could be any of those things, but today, it’s not. It’s this:

I’m not sure what this is either. I’m starting to feel like I’m a bad Star Wars geek. Like, I should totally know all this stuff, but I totally don’t. I’m pretty sure 100% of the things so far have been from the not-original trilogy, i.e., the ones that weren’t as awesome as the original ones. I have a vague memory of this thing being in the big fight with all the battle droids, as some sort of communication-relaying thing? It was really big, I think? I don’t know. I’m going to stop wondering what it is and just put it together.

Here it is completed. Even if it is really a communications relay thing, I’m going to pretend that the thing on top shoots lasers. Pew pew! Take that, um, whatever it is we’re fighting! (I don’t know what we’re fighting yet because it hasn’t been in the calendar yet.)

Check this out, though: spare parts!! That means Mr. Sushi gets more things to hold and look pissed about! Also, new hats!

“I am so mad I will shank you with this tire iron. And then shoot lasers from my laser hat. The lasers are fueled by my simmering rage.”

Also, you know that I absolutely had to transplant Squidward’s head on this thing and turn him into angry squid Dragoon Fenix:

“Nach nagalas!”

Just for fun, and because I just noticed I could do this, here’s a picture of Calamari-san riding into battle on the claw thing from yesterday:


One thought on “Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, day 4

  1. Thank God you posted pictures! I had no clue how to start putting these things together. I got this as a birthday present from my son. Thought it was a great gift, showing how well he knew my and my love of all things Star Wars. Now I’m starting to believe he got it to drive me crazy … one day at a time.

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