Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, day 2

Okay, here comes day 2 of Star Wars Legos! I’m not going to post the put-it-together instructions because it will give it away even more than what I’m about to do, which is to post a picture of the pieces all disassembled:

That’s right, it’s that squidy Trade Federation guy who talks with his lips slightly out of sync! Some googling reveals that his name is Nute Gunray, which in fine Lucasian style is a clever and super-subtle reference to some other dude who is remembered for his economic contributions. Honestly, if these references were any more subtle, I don’t think people would notice them at ALL!

Here’s what he looks like put together, and riding on the whatever it is thing from yesterday. Check out his awesome hair piece.

It’s also noteworthy that he looks way more ominous if you turn off the camera flash and backlight him a little:

Can you imagine how badass he would look if I had a fog machine??

Mr. Gunray and I are going to have some fun times together. I need a better name for him than Gunray, though.  Maybe I will call him Squidface, or Calamari-san. Whatever he ends up being called, I’m excited for the future possibilities of his as-yet-unoccupied hands, and of his oh-so-removable head. I’ma put his head on all KINDS of stuff.


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