Wednesday was ridiculous.

Hi. I am bad at updating my blog.

Do you ever have one of those days, where it seems like the day is just out to get you? Wednesday was one of those days for me.

It actually started on Tuesday night. I parked beneath a tree. I did not foresee this being a problem, but when I got in my car on Wednesday morning, it was covered in some sort of ridiculous sticky goo. Apparently this tree is the messiest tree in the history of the universe. My windshield wipers were powerless to defeat it, so off I drove to the gas station, peering through a sort of sticky haze on my windshield.

At the gas station, I bought gas for $4.21 a gallon. Yeah, that was fun. I enjoy paying darn near $60 to fill up my tank. No really, I do.

Then it was on to the meeting I love so much. We’re coding some data, which tends to involve a lot of argumentation. I have a sort of visceral negative reaction to conflict – it makes me all nervous and weird, even when I know it’s not a bad fight to be fighting, so I’m sure you can see why I don’t like this meeting so much.

I decided that after the meeting I was going to get a slurpee. Now, we all know that the Coke slurpee is the king of slurpees, but we also all know that not every 7-11 has the Coke slurpee available all the time. As soon as the meeting was over, I hastened to the nearest Sev, where, to my delight, they did indeed have a Coke slurpee machine! Hooray, I thought, and I grabbed my cup and stuck a lid on it and put it under the Coke slurpee nozzle and turned the handle and
It was only at this point that I noticed the light indicating that the Coke slurpee was not yet ready for dispensing. I settled for cherry, and was disappointed.

I did an interview, which went all right. I got home and did some more schoolwork, then I decided I was tired of doing schoolwork and wanted to go dig in my hole for a while. (Backstory: I have a 4’x6′ plot in the apartment’s community garden, which I am gopher-proofing. This involves digging down 18″ and laying hardware cloth across the bottom and sides. It is excellent stress relief.) I enjoyed my digging for a little while, and even came to think that I could perhaps get the rest of my hole dug and maybe even get my plants in the ground over the weekend.

It was at this point that my shovel broke.

I didn’t really know how to react. What is to be done when a shovel breaks? Do I throw the broken end? Up, or perhaps away, or maybe directly at the ground? Maybe I stab it into a pile of dirt? Do I stomp? Is stomping required here? Do I shake my powerless fist at the uncaring sky? Do I give up, braid a stick into my beard, and disappear into the woods for several weeks? Can I get a refund for the shovel I bought like 10 days ago?

I ended up making food and then I went to a meeting and then my friend brought me some cookies, so I guess the end of the day was much better than the rest of the day.


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