Time won’t let me go

I finally got around to posting the last of my mission pictures on Facebook, which sent me on a mostly pleasant trip down Mission Nostalgia Lane.

I wish I had perfect memory of those days and experiences. I mean, I have pictures and journals and planners, but so many details have evanesced with time. And you can’t take a picture of a perfect lesson, or of the love you had for the people you met, or perfectly capture the Spirit in a journal entry. This inability is probably one of the main driving forces behind my occasional desire to go back and do it again, if only for a week or a month. But of course you can’t do that, and it wouldn’t be the same anyway.

So what do you do? You move on, and you remember what you can, and you look back, move forward, and make new memories. And you live in a way that makes the new memories good like the old ones.

And I think you look forward to heaven, where hopefully you regain clarity of memory and you can see the details again. And you thank God for the priceless gift of the memories you do have, and you try to be wiser about using the old memories to push you forward to be the person you want to be.


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