First impressions

So, here I am in La Jolla. So far I love my new apartment – it’s a corner apartment with windows on the north and west walls, so there’s tons of natural light, and it always catches the breeze. After finally meeting my roommate last night and talking for like an hour, I think we’ll have a good time here.

Moving somewhere you don’t hardly know anybody is kind of intimidating, and I’m glad to have the built-in support network of the Church. I’m hoping that there is a family home evening group – the ward’s website did not have anything listed, but then ward websites often don’t. I kinda wish I’d gone to church yesterday, but spending time with the fam was a little higher on my priority list.

Today I found the closest branch of the public library – but branches are closed on Mondays. ?? I also went down to the SDSU campus where Deb the program coordinator had pointed out the credit union she recommends. I went in to get some application forms and see what kind of documents I’d need to submit. The interesting thing is going to be address verification – given that I’m just moving in here, and the utilities and stuff are all in my roommate’s name, I don’t know how I’m going to get something official to show them. Later I’m going to the rental office to see what they can do.

As I drive around, I’m flipping through radio stations to hopefully find the good ones. So far I’ve found a couple that I really like – one seems to be a lot like X96, there’s a Jack affiliate, and I think this other one is classic rock.

I’m bored, so I think I’m going to drive down to Balboa Park, or maybe the beach.


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